Why Should You Use Our Algorithm?

logo_volametrixVolametrix-trading is a platform which makes, sells and rents algorithms through screen sharing. We are specialized in the analysis and live feed of trading signals to enable traders to make the right decision at the right time. Highlighted below are the benefits you stand to gain from making use of our algorithms.

System Related To Changes in Volatility

Our system makes use of lots of algorithms which are used to analyze and understand the various configurations of the market. The system deals with the changes in volatility and has variable filters that suit the market.

We make use of the algorithm that first comes up as the execution price. We improve our system always, and we provide the most efficient versions.

Screen Sharing

The screen access provided by Volametrix-trading is easy to use. It makes the signal to appear to you instantly, and you can decide whether to follow it or not.

After the validation of your registration, our sales department will update you with an invitation for screen sharing with Webex (our partner). We rent our algorithm through Webex, and you can begin your trading once you connect through Webex with the code that you’re provided with.

Profitable Performance

Our reliable, sustainable and tested system delivers a success rate of over 80% in the trading framework. The monthly earnings (concerning the recommended minimum capital) are 15%, and they increase steadily.

The majority of signals used in determining the performance of our algorithm offer superior numbers.

Customer-Focused Approach

We provide live access to our algorithm through screen sharing. Our approach protects your capital and ensures regular earnings through our encrypted and protected platform.

Our system was initially configured only for the DAX30 with the 55 ticks timeframe. We analyze (from the different signals offered) the best stop-loss level to protect your profits with efficient as well as optimized drawdown that is consistent with your capital.

Our honest and transparent approach will be used to accompany you in your daily trade. We believe that we only win when you win.


We welcome you to benefit from our honesty as well as our determination to beat the market together with you, by taking advantage of our products which are suited for all. The packages that we offer together with their pricings can be found here. The packages will enable you to follow the stock market indicators and enhance your chance of generating profits quickly. Also, we guarantee you extended subscription if no profit is recorded.


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